About us


If you suffer from certain foot conditions or illnesses that cause foot conditions, leading a mobile, pain-free life can be a constant challenge, and the quest for the right pair of supportive, well-fitted shoes, never-ending. But now that you’ve arrived at ranassassin , that quest is over.

ranassassin ’s orthotic shoes are biomechanically engineered with unique comfort features to offer the very best solution for sensitive feet and other physical ailments affected by foot problems or poor posture. We combine the very latest, cutting-edge athletic footwear technology and therapeutic detailing to bring you the highest level of comfort and protection for your feet, knees and lower back.


ranassassin has two primary objectives that direct our approach to operating a business. One is to offer the ultimate in comfort, function and style in footwear, orthotic insoles and socks. The other is to provide the very best customer service possible, as we have long recognized the importance of satisfied, happy customers.

Focusing on these objectives provides great benefits to our customers as well as ranassassin . We have outstanding customer loyalty and satisfaction, with millions of customers who truly appreciate our commitment to quality, performance and customer satisfaction.

We look forward to offering you unsurpassed comfort and pain relief as well as customer satisfaction that all of our customers enjoy.

Company name: Yiwu Xiangxie Daily Department Store Co., Ltd.

Company Address : No. 18 Chunhui Road, Beiyuan Street, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province